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Appointments on weeknights at the home office in Medford. Weekend appointments available at Patchogue office or home office.

Tax filing 2011 season has begun

Accepting appointments now. Call me at 631-235-4773. I now have an appointment in Patchogue. The address is:

59 North Ocean Ave., Patchogue Village, NY.

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I'm often asked the question "What do I need to bring". Based on experience of what people normally forget, I've comprised a short summary.

Preparing taxes can be broken up into 4 general areas:
1. Personal information Social security numbers and date of birth for all family members.
2. Income W2's and any form that has 1099 label.
3. Deductions

Property taxes, mortgage interest paid.Any form that has 1098 label.

4. Credits Education and Dependent care services (i.e. child care, in-home nursing). Make sure to bring the tax ID (EIN) as well as name and address of the provider.

Coming soon: Printable checklist